A T Cross Tech 2 Metallic Red Ballpoint


Tech 2 Metallic Red Ballpoint Pen
You’re accustomed to the writing precision of a Cross pen. It’s only natural that we’d bring that distinctive experience to a stylus. Tech2 combines both in one instrument. A smoother glide and increased accuracy will make bringing ideas to life feel effortless, whether on paper or your mobile screen.
Trim, classic design featuring a ballpoint pen and a narrow 6mm precision stylus
Compatibility with most capacitive touchscreen devices
Lifetime mechanical guarantee
Premium Gift Box

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A T Cross Tech 2 Metallic Red Ballpoint

A T Cross Tech 2 Metallic Red Ballpoint

Loves paper and mobile touchscreens.

Collection: Tech2
Brand: Cross
Manufacturer: A.T. Cross
Product Type: Multifunction Pen
Finish / Color: Metallic Red Satin Black Appointments
Country of Origin: China
Guarantee: Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee
SKU: AT0652-8
UPC # 073228122045
Packaging:: Cross Premium Gift Box
Refill: 8100 | 8511 | 8512 | 8101 | 8513 | 8514 |8515
Product Diameter/Girth Barrel (in): 0.39
Product Diameter/Girth Cap (in): 0.39
Product Height (in): N/A
Product Weight (oz): 0.66
Product Length Writing (in): 5.36
Product Length Closed (in): 5.23

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