Do you need a Valuation?

Imagine losing a treasured item from your jewellery box only to find that when you contact your insurer you are not fully covered for the replacement. You would rightly feel angry and upset.

Equally, why pay over the odds on a premium that is too high? Up-to-date valuations are vital in ensuring your insurance premiums are accurate and that you are adequately covered in the event of a claim.

Valuations you can Trust

The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers is the UK’s leading specialist in providing high-quality independent insurance valuations for your jewellery and other valuable items

Our team of highly experienced valuers are independently regulated so you can be confident in the knowledge that all of our valuations are completely impartial We understand that jewellery and other valuable belongings can be highly sentimental and that some pieces may even have been passed down through many generations. Because of this, we offer a range of services to cater for your individual needs.

In addition to receiving a fully detailed valuation complete with colour images and lasting proof of ownership, all Guild valuations are registered to our secure online database e-register™. This not only allows you access to your valuation online but, in the event of a loss or theft, the police and insurance companies can also be given access to the database to aid them in reuniting you with any recovered items.

We also work closely with the jewellery trade body the National Association of Goldsmiths to promote high standards and to encourage ongoing professional development throughout the jewellery trade.