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Swiss Made Watches

The history of Adriatica is closely associated with a Swiss Watch Company established in 1852 in Montilier near Mural/Murten. It was the Swiss Watch Company who created the brand and first started manufacturing Adriatica watches.

In 1962 the company relocated to Biel/Bienne in Switzerland where they started a new line of gold plated watches and also created the new collection "Adriatica World Champion" which is still being produced today.

Since 1999 Adriatica watches are being manufactured in their own watch company in Dongio, then in 2010 relocated to Camorino..

The town is located in the canton of Ticino - the Italian part of Switzerland. This location characterises the contemporary Adriatica watch with Italian style and elegance.

In tribute to the great reputation of "Swiss Made" watches Adriatica offers the highest quality and stylish make of its products.

What makes Adriatica so attractive is its Swiss reliability, precision and accuracy, combined with beautiful and classy design. | Watches |  Adriatica Watches